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Arts festival which celebrates poet W.B Yeats and Yeats family. Its main purpose is to broaden the appeal of the Yeats/Sligo connection through a programme of word, drama, music and art.

Tread Softly…2016 is a Yeatsian themed arts festival which aims to broaden the appeal of the Yeats/Sligo connection through a programme of spoken word, art and music performances. The festival works in collaboration with the Yeats International Summer School to attract local and overseas visitors who have an interest in, or knowledge of, W.B Yeats and the extended Yeats family.

Yeats is major league in cultural tourism terms. He is arguably the greatest English language poet of the 20th Century, known and respected worldwide. Throughout his life he wrote about Sligo and its beauty, folklore and spirituality.

The festival harnesses the rich pool of local and national creative talent in Sligo to produce a diverse array of high quality performances and exhibitions in theatre, music, visual arts, community arts and street performance.

Enjoy a season of innovatively interpreted Yeats plays and other related theatrical performances in and around Sligo; along with a number of relaxed spoken word performances connected with theatre and song writing and the links between music and poetry.

A full Programme of this years events is available here Tread Softly 2016

Harbour House has limited space available for this years event, you can book here or call us on +353(0)719171547


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